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In our 20s, we were fortunate enough to be introduced to a community of business leaders that had a passion for helping others gain more choices and flexibility in life.

Seeing that passion drove us to seek out mentors within that community because we were always taught that hard work was the key to success but we came to a major realization in our lives that successful people don't just work harder than everyone else. They also think different than everyone else.

We realized that what was missing for us was a mentor that could help elevate our thinking to another level. After 4 years of applying their coaching and changing our mindset they helped Jenn become financially independent at the age of 28, so she could spend time pursuing her passions and so she could reinvest her time into our daughters lives.

Starting out with $100k in school debt taught us a lesson, that education is expensive and valuable. We put a huge value on mentorship and it has now transformed into a passion for helping others to overcome their individual struggles and limitations. To help people evaluate their priorities and change their mindset so they can actually live a life of their dreams instead of a life of their circumstances.

The definition of success that we live by is: "Success is determined by how many lives are better off because you lived"​. 

Welcome to our page and we look forward to connecting with you.

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