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Family comes first for us, as it likely does for most people. But, we also realize that we’re committed to family legacy more than we are to family leisure.


We want our daughters to be financially stable and to leave them with a family name that means something. We believe that our children should stand on our shoulders not start from scratch all over again. 



We are passionate about ownership and control. We firmly believe in multiple streams of income. We want to own it, develop it, and pass the knowledge along to those who are as hungry as we are. 


For us the entrepreneur fire began in college. The flame was fanned as we started to realize no matter how well we preformed in Corporate America we were not really in control.



We love making an impact on leaders. Our life has been drastically changed because of our mentors. Our vision is to help others so they can help people that we would not be able to reach.

We love impacting people to grow and change and get outside their comfort zones. 



Our heart is in serving others. Whether through volunteer work or teaching, it’s important to us to make a difference any way we can!



Why work to have a million dollar portfolio and a ten cent body?

 Health impacts how well we can really do anything. We make it a habit to invest time in our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health.

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